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Technical Data

How to maintain the chiller of the glass tempering furnace?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 728  Published: 2020-03-23

The chiller of the glass tempering furnace consists of a roller table and two chillers, one on top and one at the bottom. Once there is an explosion in the chiller, the glass debris could damage the aramid kevlar ropes over the roller table, affecting smooth transporting of glass to the unloading table, resulting in interruptions in the entire glass tempering process. 

If the rope is found ripped, it should be replaced immediately. After removing the damaged conveyor kevlar rope, clean thoroughly the adhesive residue off the rollers to ensure the clean and polished surface .When winding the aramid kevlar rope, maintain a proper tension to keep it straight and untwisted. Coil the rope around the roller with equal spacing and make direction opposite to the rope of the neighboring roller. Apply adhesive only to the side attaching the roller table and make sure that there is no adhesive on the rest of the rope surfaces and secure both ends. 

Check the conveyor bearings in the chiller on regularly. Service the bearing in time when it gets stuck. Broken air pipe in the chiller should be replaced to ensure the stability of wind blow.